The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing are two entirely different things. I don't care how many times they're used interchangeably by brand managers, media buyers, and marketing agencies.

Advertising is about getting the public's attention and then showing said public your service or product. Marketing is about getting the public's attention and then showing said public a representation of your brand. Advertising is part of marketing, but marketing is bigger.

Advertising is about your product. Marketing is about your brand.

The expected response from advertising is a purchase. The expected response from marketing is an emotion.

Me? I've always preferred to work in marketing. I've got no problem with advertising. It plays an important role in the success of a business. Ads let people know about your product, special pricing and other sales-related info. But ads don't build relationships. 

For example, I buy Lucky Charms when I see an ad telling me boxes of General Mills cereals are BOGO at Publix. But I shop exclusively at Publix because I love the company. I love their recipes cards in the stores, their personable and positive Twitter account, and the service they provide. Those are all brand interactions; those are all marketing. 

If you think your customer service is separate from marketing, we need to talk. 

Service & marketing will be an upcoming blog post. But I'm out of time for today (meaning my daughter is awake and demanding my attention). Until then, thanks for reading! 


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