Autumn's Dictionary Part 1

These are words that I'm pretty sure I created, or that were created with friends.

Cake pops (adj) - When something is beyond awesome. 
example: This essay on 19th century existential poets is totally cake pops! 

Tinkerbitches (n) - Those ex-girlfriends or "just friends" girls who hover around your boyfriend, wreaking havoc and potentially trying to destroy you (or at least your relationship). 
example: Your bf's ex keeps calling? That girl is a total tinkerbitch. 

Memorygram (v) - When you apply a sense of emotion over a memory, to make the memory more palatable or more entertaining. Most common is the "rose-colored" lens. 
example: Last summer's vacation sucked, but when Dad tells the story he Memorygrams it. 

Mailencholy (adj) - That feeling you get when you realize all the new emails in your inbox are SPAM or junk mail. 
example: A deep sense of mailencholy came over me when I realized the 5 new emails in my inbox were promotions and political junk mail. 


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